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Today, play a Q&A; game with us to discover our week's trio.

Where can you play God, live in a cage, and predict human deviance?
At Studio Smack. This animation lab was founded to create the finest work of art and respond to developments in society. They have been rewarded several times and have worked with MTV, Greenpeace, and international festivals.
Start the experience with the animated short, Battery Cage. Will you still think freedom means happiness?

What do you get when you mix Fight Club and Gladiator?
Barcode. They don't have a name. Just a barcode tattooed on their neck. They are four trapped in a room. They are called to fight one-on-one. To death. At the end, there will be just one left. This short film will get to you from the first seconds. Until the ultimate ending.

Where can you meet other Sportsaholic Anonymous?
At Sports Annex. In default of doing sports, start by watching our expanding collection of pure sports action plus interviews of famous athletes. Judo, snowboard, cars. Name it, Sport Annex has it!

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