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FilmAnnex Hello Everyone,

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

All Web TV channels now have community sections just like Film Annex, meaning people can register to your Web TV and become a part of your community. This gives you the opportunity to get to know your followers better and interact with them. We also added new categories to our community sections and have pretty much all professions from photographers to stylists on there. So say you're shooting a film and you need a costume designer. Just go to your community section and message all the costume designers who like your work already! All users have to do is to click on the register button when they go to your Web TV.

You can promote your registration page on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to have your followers and other film industry professionals register to your Web TV and promote their services through you! For example, the registration page for is To find your registration URL, simply go to your Web TV and click on register.

Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about this new feature.

Our featured filmmaker this week is a writer and director living in New York City. Amy Allen is a recent a graduate of Manhattanville College and School for Creative and Performing Arts. She first fell in love with production while creating a ' bad public access' TV show in high-school. On her off time she enjoys playing with her dogs, yoga and writing new songs. Her short Rubbish , was aired twice on PBS and tells the story of a lonlely old gourch and his changed outlook on life.

Turning Tides is a heartwarming story about the innocence and joy that a great friendship can bring to anyone's life. A lonely boy is new to a rainy town with only a little red ball for company, but it won't be for long. While searching for his lost ball, the boy runs into a little girl with a bright yellow jacket. His lonely feelings are immediately replaced with excitement and joy.

Our Web TV pick this week is Vancouver Film School Web TV. Vancouver Film School is an internationally recognized arts school located in British Columbia, Canada. Their channel presents students' work from 13 different programs offered at the school during the course of a year or less. You can always count on their shorts to be fun, unique and greatly animated. Start with Senseless, a short about a painter who goes mad.

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