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Film Annex was founded with the idea to give filmmakers and artists a free platform for self-distribution, interaction, and funding. Our mission is to sponsor content creators through our ad-supported video platform so they can keep creating, contributing, educating, and entertaining.


Our sponsorship is based on the advertising revenues generated on our platform. Every user (content creator or audience member) gets a free channel upon signing up. We call these channels “Web TVs.” You can curate your Web TV by uploading your videos* or by selecting films from our Open Film Library. You will get paid 50% of the revenues generated on your Web TV channel.

Every week, our programming team will select a Web TV to be featured on our homepage. The featured Web TV will receive extra exposure and traffic, resulting in a significant amount of increase in the revenues. We hope that you will use this money to fund your next project to keep the cycle of creativity active!

The amount of revenues generated on a Web TV depends on how much traffic it receives as our revenue-share model is based on page views. For this reason, it’s important for users to promote their films to their audience and drive as much traffic to their Web TVs as possible.

*Our programming team is always on the lookout for high-quality, professionally made content that is creative and inspiring. In live action videos, we look at the production value, the editing, story, and acting, amongst other details. In animations, we look for originality and artistry. We require that all videos have titles and credits. We don’t accept any user-generated or poor-quality content.

How to promote your Web TV channel

Use social networks! Create a Facebook and Twitter page that links to your Web TV. Upload as many films as you can (more films = more pages = more views = more revenues). Connect with your audience through the blog and photo album tools on your Film Annex page. Share your filmmaking experience with behind the scenes stories, production stills, set diaries, and more. The more you interact and crosslink, the more traffic your Web TV will receive.

Online Film Catalog

With over 25,000 videos on its platform, Film Annex offers its viewers an extensive variety of content, from classics to animated shorts. You can also find interviews, making-of videos, and film reviews in our library. If you’re interested in hosting content from our online catalog with or without our player and ads, please contact us at [email protected]



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