Alex Nakone - A Success Story

Alex Nakone on the set of Mr. Morag's Helical Dream.

Alex Nakone achieves creating a high-budget sci-fi look in his ambitious short films. But what really catches the viewer's attention is the subject matter. His film, Mr. Morag's Helical Dream, reminded us of the award-winning Sundance film, Primer, and we were instantly hooked after 2 minutes of watching it. The cool blues and greens, the vast desert scenes, and the brief yet insightful look into the future make this film a gem in the pool of many many great short films out there.

We featured Mr. Nakone's Web TV last June, which earned him $850 in revenues. Here's a brief conversation we had with him about how he used this money, why he likes Film Annex, and what he's planning to create in the near future. Also, don't forget to watch his video testimonial below!

How did you hear about Film Annex?

Film Annex contacted me last year about featuring one of my short films on their platform.

What was the first film you uploaded on Film Annex and when did you upload it?

Mr. Morag's Helical Dreams. I uploaded it in 2010.

What do you think makes us different from other online film platforms?

I'd say monetization of content and personal relationships. Film Annex has not only helped me earn money, but has been
supportive along the way. We've been in contact through Skype and the
team has provided me with encouragement and advice about promotion.

When were you featured on Film Annex's homepage? And why do you think you were picked by the Film Annex team?

I was featured last February as a filmmaker, and my Web TV channel was
featured this past June. I'd like to think that I was picked by the Film
Annex team because of the unusual and challenging topic I explored in my

How much did you earn during the period you were featured and how are you planning to use your earnings?

I earned $850. I am using the money to pay off some debts on my latest
film project.

If you were to describe your work in 3 words, what would they be?

Dark, humanist, fantastical. Also, I hope to be diverse. OK, that's 4 :)

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-- Interview by Eren Gulfidan

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