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Abel Ferrara – Official Website - Nicky's Film

Nicky’s Film is a black and white film Abel Ferrara made in 1971 with friend and then colleague Nicodemo Oliverio. The film stars Nadia Von Loewenstein, Oliverio, and Ferrara himself. Although the lack of audio makes it hard for the viewer to make out the plot, it puts emphasis on the film’s imagery and strengthens the details. Critics have suggested that the film is in some way about Vietnam as “the protagonist is manipulated and eventually destroyed by forces he can never hope to understand.” Ferrara experts also mention that a Roman Polanski influence is evident in the scene when Oliverio’s decides to confront his shadowy enemy.

《尼可的电影》(Nicky’s Film)是一部由阿贝尔•费拉拉(Abel Ferrara)与朋友兼同事尼克德莫•奥利韦里奥(Nicodemo Oliverio)一起在西元1971年所拍摄的黑白电影。主演此电影的有纳迪亚•冯•洛文斯顿(Nadia Von Loewenstein),奥利韦里奥(Oliverio)和费拉拉自己。虽然声音的缺乏使得观众难以辨认出的情节,但影片强调了电影的意象并且加强细节。批评者隐射着,这部电影在某种程度上是有关于越南的,就像是“主角是被由他永远无法理解的势力操纵,和最终被销毁的。”费拉拉专家还提到,当奥利韦里奥决定面对他的影子敌人时,在电影场景上,罗曼波兰斯基的影响是显而易见的。