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Abel Ferrara – Official Website - Napoli Napoli

Watch clips, behind the scenes videos, and interviews from acclaimed American film director Abel Ferrara’s film, Napoli, Napoli, Napoli. Ferrara combines documentary and narrative techniques to create a docu-drama about the city of Naples and tells the stories of three female inmates at the Pozzuoli State Prison.

观看著名美国电影导演阿贝尔•费拉拉(Abel Ferrara)的电影《那不勒斯》(NAPOLI NAPOLI NAPOLI)的电影剪辑,幕后花絮视频,采访过程。费拉拉结合了纪录片和叙事技巧,创造有关那不勒斯城市的一个实况剧,并且诉说了在波佐利州立监狱里三个女囚犯的故事。