2012: Success, Creativity and Movies!

Hi everybody!

The Film Annex Team wishes you a very Happy New Year full of success, creativity, and movies, of course!

Our featured filmmaker, Noe Lefebvre, seems to know what it takes to achieve and maintain it. Even though his career was launched due the success he earned with his music videos and commercials, we discovered him through his short films about interesting portraits of women. With a real passion and a keen eye for aesthetic images, he is a natural at directing captivating fashion videos. His philosophy is to use films to deliver stories and feelings. While Souvenir will make you want to go on vacation and escape winter for a couple of minutes, Six will introduce you to fashion modeling. Lots to be amused by here.

Creativity... You'll be sure to find some (if not a lot) at the ECU Film Festival. Like the team here at Film Annex, ECU has made their mission to discover the best independent films around the world and screen them every year at their festival. Start by watching the trailers for all the short films in competition. Suspense movies, thrillers, comedies, animations: all the genres are represented. If you are seeking inspiration, take a look at the interviews with past competitors. To submit your film to the next ECU Film Festival and take a shot at winning one of the competitions, you better hurry! January 8th is the deadline! And if you happen to be in the City of Lights late March, the ECU Film Festival will be the place to see new filmmaking talents.

Movies... Start 2012 with the first "niners" of the year, aka our 9 favorite films of the week. They are:
The Watchers by Studio Smack
Rough Patch by Tim Orchard
Cavedad by Charles Pieper
Bave Circus by Nicolas Dufresne
9 Vies by Romain Bourzeix, Damien Levaufre, Aude Glondu, and Thibaut Gache
The Whistleblower Premiere by Diplomatically Incorrect
The Chase by the Vancouver Film School students
Stamen by Calum Macdiarmid
Ami by the Vancouver Film School students

2012 has begun, what do you think?

The Film Annex Team

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