Happy Holidays from Film Annex!

Hi everybody!

To make sure you have an awesome holiday weekend, we hand-picked some of the best content on our platform and put them together on our homepage for your convenience! The first highlight of the week is filmmaker, Tim Orchard, who joined Film Annex awhile ago with his Lychean short film, Rough Patch. Based in West London, Orchard describes himself as a storyteller with a curious imagination. He also adds that he is cuckoo for atmosphere, and we totally know what he means by that after watching his eerie, colorful, and thrilling movies we know you'll get hooked to instantly.

Next is yet another classic movie serial. After bringing you Ace Drummond last week, now we present Burn 'Em Up Barnes by the famous Mascot Studios. The serial features a young and fearless race driver who wants to help his friend, Marjorie Temple, with her garage business that's hanging by a thread. As usual, there's a lot of fighting and kicking, super heroism, suspense, and what have you. We promise you'll enjoy every single episode.

And finally, this week's niners (yes, that's what we decided to call our 9 fave films of the week). They are:

Back Up by Alban Delachenal and Mei Fa Tan
Steamed by Misha Vortuba
Ai by Raffi Asdourian
Playground by Mark Kuczewski
Spiney the Porcupine by Vancouver Film School
Vive la France by Luke Andrews
Down with Richie by Yavuz
Headwinds by Brian Sinasac
L'ange Noir by Vincent Vesco

Once again, happy holidays to everyone, and enjoy our picks for the week!


The Film Annex Team

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