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We wanted to start this newsletter with a few helpful tips to increase your channel's traffic and create a faithful audience base on the web. Here we go:

Whether you're a professional blogger or a filmmaker who likes to write about his/her work, it's always a fantastic idea to branch out, meaning, to get your content on other sites where people can learn about your writing style. Another important factor in expanding your reach is cross-linking! Wherever your content appears, always link back to your Web TV to let people know where your original work is. Start a link campaign and always link to your page on social network sites.

Quick reminder: If you haven't sent us your IMDB page links yet, please do, and make sure you send us the links to your films that are also on Film Annex. Once we get the link, we'll promote your Web TV Channel to increase your traffic and revenues.

And now, our featured filmmaker & films:

When Charles Pieper joined Film Annex, he was a student at Emerson College, studying animation. Now he is a full-fledged stop motion animator, concept artist, director, and editor working in Los Angeles. For us, it's so exciting to see the filmmakers on our platform grow, succeed, and get closer to their aspirations. So this week, we want to highlight the inventive, quirky, humorous, and truly one-of-a-kind films of the young Mr. Charles Pieper, who we know has a great career ahead of him.

Our featured Web TV Channel this week presents the 1937 movie serial, Dick Tracy! If you want to know where Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, and Madonna got their groove from to perform the way they did in the 1990 movie version, you have to go back 53 years to find out where it all started. Directed by Alan James and Ray Taylor, and starring Ralph Byrd, Dick Tracy is a classic you'll get hooked into immediately! Let the mystery begin!

And here are our favorite 9 films this week. Want to get your film featured on our homepage? Send us a shout out! Email us at [email protected] and tell us why your film is awesome.

Not with a Bang by Alessandro Amaducci
Passers By by Misha Votruba
Just in Case by Josh Frankel
Me by Studio Smack
Zebra by Antanas Janauskas
Obsession by Vancouver Film School
Six by Noe Lefebvre
Clay Jack Nicholson is Crazy by Charles Pieper
Shangri-La by Fan Ying Wei

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The Film Annex Team

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