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FilmAnnex Happy weekend, everybody!

Are you the type person that likes a little bit of everything? If so, you're in luck, our featured filmmaker this week is Fat Cat Films, a multidisciplinary production company that likes a little bit of everything too. Fascinated by different cultures and people, Fat Cat Films brings you diverse films about world culture, music, politics and advertising. You can watch interviews with popular French artists or see documentaries about stories straight from conflict zones. No matter what your interest is, Fat Cat Films will have something for you.

To what extremes will you go to find what you desire? Will you walk miles, becomes friends with an enemy, would you change your surroundings, or enter unknown places? Neggy Meets Sammy by filmmaker Benjamin Carter is a charming animation about the journey of a cat and a dog seeking happiness. Sammy is a small, but curious dog that leads a lazy cat to discover new and unknown places she never could on her own.

Our Web TV choice this week is a funny online web series, Deal O'Neal that will enlighten your mood. A recent college graduate quickly enters the real world after being told he is financially cut off from his parents. This web series follows Deal as he goes through his many issues that inevitably call upon his wacky family for help.

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