Love, Beer, and Monsters - Film Annex News

FilmAnnex Love, beer, and monsters are on the menu this week. But before we get to those, we'd like to introduce to you a brand new feature on the Film Annex platform that will make your lives much easier. With our new "editing tool," you can now create channels within your Web TV. This means you can group your films and put them in categories however you like. Create a comedy channel for your funny films or an animation channel for your animation films with awesome VFX work. Here's what you do:

1) Log-in to your profile and select "Admin Your Web TVs from the dropdown welcome menu
2) To create a channel, click on "Add a channel." Make sure you give it a name and a description.
3) To add movies to your channels, first click on the channel name on the left column and then select from your movies on the right column. The selected movies will now appear in the middle column.
4) To make changes in the name or the description of your channels, move your mouse over the channel name and click on the pen icon.
5) To delete a channel, click on the orange "x" icon.

Now, the fun stuff!

Have you ever imagined reconnecting with your high school sweetheart? In our featured film True Love by Umberto Riva, a young woman gets a call from the man she almost got married to years ago. She tries her best to renew the flame but he has a little surprise for her.

Our featured filmmaker, Charles Pieper, has been interested in monsters ever since he was a child. He started with drawings and then moved to stop-motion animations and films. He has made music videos for the bands Dufus, Summerbirds in the Cellar, Brit and the Cavalry, Lo Fi Sugar, Man's Assassination, Man, and more. Is he the new Tim Burton? You decide!

Is happy hour part of your after-work ritual? Jimmy Ludwig and Mark Aldrich combined their love for History, Drinking and Travel to create The Happy Hour Guys Web TV. Discover historic pubs and taverns all around the world and capture their atmosphere. One of them may be in your city. Cheers!

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