Film Annex to Release its First Original Web Series, Red Notice, Based on Dante’s Inferno

FilmAnnex NEW YORK, May 5, 2011 – Film Annex, online film production and distribution company, has released its first original web series, Red Notice, earlier this week. The series is based on the popular classic, The Inferno, by Italian poet, Dante Alighieri. Set in New York City, the show follows the adventures of Dante and Virgil played by two up and coming NYC actresses, Paige Howe and Lillian Rodriguez. The series also includes plotlines inspired by true INTERPOL investigation cases, hence bringing classic and modern stories together. The first two episodes are now online and free to watch on

The Film Annex production team put the entire production process online, including audition videos, location scouting, rehearsals, and production meetings. The show’s website contains five channels, two of which stream the actors’ past and present work including short films and commercials. One channel lays out the pre-production period while the other shows past auditions. The fifth channel is solely dedicated to the episodes. The viewers will also find some video readings of the original cantos.

“Film Annex’s goal in producing Red Notice is not only to make one of the most celebrated and studied literary pieces accessible to all audiences, especially young viewers, but also to inform people about the current INTERPOL investigations,” said Francesco Rulli, president of Film Annex and the director of the series. “I am so thrilled to be a part of Red Notice,” added Paige Howe. “How many young actors actually get to work on a modern adaptation of Dante's Inferno? This is a wonderfully challenging project, and I am so grateful to be a part of it.” Lillian Rodriguez said, “I was fascinated with the concept of adapting the classical text of Dante's Inferno to the NYC hustle. I knew right away I wanted to play the role of Vicky whose character is based on Virgil. She's strong, but has secrets and a dark past. A powerful female role, an exciting rarity!”

The series’ website has attracted more than 500,000 unique visitors within the past month, and the Facebook page gathered over 15,000 fans. Director, Francesco Rulli stated the production team’s goal is to shoot 34 episodes, one for each canto in the book. The series will host acclaimed guest directors and cinematographers in the future

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