Francesco Rulli

Francesco Rulli Francesco Rulli is the founder and the president of Film Annex (, an online independent film distribution platform and Web TV Network. Film Annex took off with a small film catalog and several members, consisting of independent filmmakers and film enthusiasts at the end of 2006. Currently, Film Annex and its network of 140 Web TVs have more than 160,000 registered members, approximately 800,000 daily visits, and 3.4 million videos streaming every day, including award-winning content from international film festivals.

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Francesco Rulli is also the founder of MTI USA (, a consulting firm, providing fashion related services to the top 200 North American fashion industries. Since 1995, MTI became one of the leading textile agencies operating in the United States.

Adding to his success in the fashion business, Rulli founded another company in 2002, Uncle Kimono & Mrs. Mudd (, which served the fashion and design inspirations of John Malkovich. Three years later, Rulli founded and became the president of Phase One, a global sourcing, product developing, and garment manufacturing company now incorporated within the MTI group.

Francesco Rulli is also an active member of the Global Medical Relief Fund (, an organization committed to bring hope and help to children who are missing or have lost the use of their limbs, have been severely burned, or are otherwise damaged due to the atrocities of war, natural disaster or illness.

Favorite quote:

"Se vogliamo che tutto rimanga come è, bisogna che tutto cambi!"
"If we want everything to stay the same, then we need to change everything!"
Tomasi di Lampedusa

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