GET SPONSORED. Helping the World One Clip at the time

Yesterday I was walking down in Wall Street area, I had schedule a brief meeting with one of my Filmmakers to shoot a few clips of Wall Street and its building, Deutsche Bank, The Stock Market and a few more.
I did walk by the Occupy Wall Street compound and noticed people were still napping or just waking up.

It came to my mind a very simple thought: GET SPONSORED. Helping the World One Clip at the time.

Film Annex mission is to share advertising revenues with any filmmaker or content provider who will upload professional and meaningful film and/or written content on the Film Annex platform.
Even those that are NOT filmmakers can actually create profiles, blog and use our Open Film Library to generate revenues from their Webtv.

Here my solution:

a) Each company can GET SPONSORED by Film Annex.
Small and big companies, including financial giants like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, can upload videos, of their employees, explaining their role within the company, and humanizing their company in front of the rest of world. This content will be great educational content and will allow Film Annex to help those companies to get out of Financial trouble. Film Annex SPONSOR Goldman Sachs and Bank of America with 50% of the advertising revenues.
Bank of America is said to have 284,000 employees, just imagine the impact of 284,000 videos on the web! In case they do not have the resources we can help them with our Film Studios or through our network of 40,000 Filmmakers all over the world.

b) each individual or organization who is part of Occupy Wall Street or any other protest out there can voice his opinion, promote their demands and opinions and GET SPONSORED by Film Annex.
Film Annex will share with them 50% of the advertising revenues.

c) each Government and its institutions can GET SPONSORED.
regardless who will be in office in your town or your country the Government is and remains the largest employer. We will broadcast each institution and even employee video, and we will share with them the advertising revenues, in the hope to fill the deficit gap.
For example in the USA the dept is at nearly 15 Trillion Dollars. There are about 22.5 million people working for the USA Government, if each person would take its time to create a profile,upload videos or Blog we would start to:
1- better understand their role in the Government
2- SPONSOR the Government and its Institutions with 50% of the Advertising revenues to help them to reduce and eventually eliminate their debt.

I know we can help.
Francesco Rulli

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