The Pickle Vs the Carrot Theory

Years ago my wife and I visited the Tenement apartment on Orchard Street in the lower east side of Manhattan.
We bought pickles from a local vendor and heard of the history of Jewish pickle vendors.

The Pickle Theory is very simple:
Buy a pickle for 10 cents and you sell if for 20 cents so that every day you can make a profit, grow your business and provide for your family.

The Carrot Theory is different and applies to most of the Digital industry:
young and highly educated people so focused to find and impress inverstors and buyers, that loose the objective of making a daily leaving.

As a result 99% of Digital companies seek an exit strategy (or the carrot at the end of the stick), while only 1% sell pickles all day long and, without wasting time on exit strategies build and face a very limited competition.

Arianna Huffington sold her company to AOL for 350m? she is the Carrot and there is only one Huffington Post and only one AOL deal.

Film Annex performance versus the Huffington Post or the Pickle against the Carrot is well documented on our corporate first page:


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