The difference between Bright and Gifted

Last night I was made aware that this weekend kindergarten kids in Manhattan are taking tests for the Gifted and Talented test.
I was never a big fun of those tests and the concept to define a child at such early age Gifted nor Talented, is this actually a parent fetish?

I was read the differences between Bright and Gifted and it stroke me as a great lesson for adults, not children:
Bright: Knows the answers
Gifted: Asks the questions

Bright: Is attentive
Gifted: Is mentally & physically involved

My conclusion is simple:
regardless of where you are in your life you must carve the time to ask questions and get mentally and physically involved and pay for the consequences in case of failure or benefit in case of success.

In 2006 I though of Film Annex as a way to finance independent filmmakers and give them an option of distribution, due to the overwhelming interest of film fans and writers we opened the borders of revenue sharing to all registered users! All can participate to the conversation, contribute with professional film and written content and get real financial benefit off of their hard work. But to achieve success we need the above requirements: ask questions and get mentally and physically involved.

Especially when you are part of the 93% humans that have to report to a boss and your kids might be "Gifted and Talented".


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  • Lillian Rodriguez on 06 January at 19:18Report abuse

    Great post! I agree about getting mentally and physically involved. This year I wrote up an 'action plan' to dive into the year w/ excitement and energy. I'm glad you created Film Annex! Working on my site here is part of the 'action plan'.