Should Filmmakers Dissect their Films?

Filmmakers shoot between 30 and 200 hours of footage to make a feature film. Most filmmakers want to participate in prestigious film festivals like Cannes and Venice with the hope to win and become the next Martin Scorsese or Abel Ferrara. But to do so, they need financing.

The key to reach the desired funding and organic promotion is to create several small stories around the footage that was shot.

Bloggers are filmmakers' best allies and promoters. Good Bloggers focus on specific topics like health, relationships, politics, spirituality, etc. amongst many others. Out of the 30 to 200 hours of footage, filmmakers can find different stories that do not necessarily belong to the final product, which is the final cut of the film.

If the filmmaker is able to isolate those small but relevant stories and create 1-3 minute clips, they can give bloggers the opportunity to talk about different stories without getting lost in the entirety of the film.

Lets take Clint Eastwood's Grand Torino as an example. This film had scenes about social and racial tension, as well as cars and veteran lifestyle. Clint Eastwood is a great spokesman for all these topics and a perfect partner to any motivated blogger.

Give the blogger the 3 minutes they deserve; they will give you back the 500 words you deserve.

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