Today was a very interesting and Intense Monday.
After my walk down to Wall Street to meet Semyon and Abel Ferrara to shoot some of the Financial Institutions like Deutsche Bank, the Stock Market and other landmarks, and after walking by the "Occupy Wall Street" compound I thought!
There is a direct link between those protesting and those working for those big companies (BOFA has 284,000 employees, I wonder who is number 284,000, does he/she have a name?).
They both need financial Independence to improve their life and gain freedom.

To make a long story short I got back to my office, did some Judo, and came up with a few solution where Film Annex can help companies, workers, protesters and even Government organizations.

We are working on publishing our solutions on http://www.FilmAnnexCorp.com.

Just to give you a hint we coined a quite controversial term: "Slavery Technology Organization" or to make it easier: S.T.O. and we are working to fight it on all fronts, starting from our back yard.
-Just imagine how many endless hours are spent on online blogging and writing with no financial reward!
And people are sitting under the rain or in crowded cubicles blogging, tweeting and liking, why? maybe one day Arianna Huffington will fly by and drop a few singles from her helicopter? side note : did you know she was born in Greece?

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