About Abel Ferrara on his film "The Driller Killer"

Abel Ferrara talks about his film "Driller Killer"

Movie Details

Language: English

Year of production: 2010

Length: 17:13

Country: United States


  • Abel Ferrara on 08 July at 16:00

    According to Ferrara, The Driller Killer is "a documentary about a dear friend of mine, Douglas Metro (later Douglas Metrov). I played the role of my friend. He was a painter who quit painting just before the great new wave of Schnabel and Basquiat. He went into screenwriting, and sold his first screenplay to Mel Brooks (Solarbabies, directed by Alan Johnson in 1986). And that was the last one he ever sold... (To read the rest of this post, visit http://www.filmannex.com/posts/blog_show_post/the_driller_killer_excerpt_from_abel_ferrara_the_moral_vision_by_brad_stevens/13554)