About Judo Superfinal

On March 6th 2011 4 International Judo teams faced each other in New York City in the most exiting Judo Team Tournament in the history of the sport. Canada, Germany, Italy and USA. The finalist of the event where Germany and USA.
Germany defeated the USA in the most exiting final match of the +90Kg division. This film will show you the highlights of the Germany vs USA Super Final, the drama and pathos behind the sport and its Athletes.

Transcripts / Production Notes / Scripts

Director Abel Ferrara
Director of Photography Ken Kelsch
Francesco Rulli - Producer
Semyon Maltsev & Alexey Levchenko - Editors
Eren Gulfidan – Assistant Director
Semyon Maltsev – Camera 1
Alexey Levchenko – Camera 2
Steve DiCasa – Camera 3
Alena Soboleva – Camera 4
Cyndi Mendoza – Sound 1
Alex Cress – Sound 2
Vanessa Ratnavich – Interviewer
Teara Kai – Interviewer

Special thanks to
John Walla
Thomas Courtney
Andy Blumenthal
Said Dib
Tommaso Rulli

© 2011 FilmAnnex

Movie Details

Language: English

Year of production: 2011

Length: 20:52

Country: United States

  • Directors:
    Director Abel Ferrara
    Director of Photography Ken Kelsch
  • Producers:
    Francesco Rulli - Film Annex


  • sayachandra Giri on 20 July at 09:08

    The game was very excited and good.

  • Kevin Earls on 09 July at 14:41

    The super final was fantastic! USA judo should have you doing all of their events. That's how to promote the sport. Bravo!

  • carrie gray on 24 April at 11:51

    ★★★★★★LOVE THIS! ★★★★★