About Abel Ferrara interviews Jen Gatien

Producer of "Chelsea on the Rocks," Jen Gatien is interviewed by film director, Abel Ferrara.

Jen Gatien decided to make her first documentary film with Ferrara after finding out that her home, Chelsea Hotel would soon change ownership . Gatien saw this as a milestone in New York City's history and wanted to capture the moment by documenting it on film.

When asked about the future of the film industry, Gatien tells Ferrara that only the talented filmmakers will be able to survive in the film industry and stresses that the only way to stray away from financial problems during production is by bringing as much value to a project as possible while keeping the costs low. The two discuss how the internet made people used to not paying for movies and stream them online for free. This has affected the profits of the film industry as well as pirating laws. Currently, Gatien is looking for projects that are exceptional and have great stories.

Movie Details

Language: English

Year of production: 2010

Length: 9:30

Country: United States

  • Directors:
    Abel Ferrara
  • Producers:
    Semyon Maltsev
  • Actors:
    Jen Gatien, Abel Ferrara