About Interview with Aaron Braunstein

Interview with Aaron Braunstein, the host of Wise Guys, Black Guys and Rabbis, boxing promoter, and radio personality, about his experiences at the Chelsea Hotel going back to the late sixties, with Jimi Jendrix, Janis Joplin, his daughter actress Natasha Lyonne and more...

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Language: English

Year of production: 2008

Length: 05:07

Country: United States

  • Directors:
    Abel Ferrera
  • Producers:
    Jen Gatien


  • Aaron Braunstein on 01 January at 11:23

    "The PlayWrite & The Prizefighter": is the Ultimate New York City story. Aaronism's Acronism's #22:" Everyone is = Equal in the Ring. I don't care if your Irish, English, Pakistani, Asian, Wasp, Arab, Jew,Italian,Polish, Wealthy, poor, Billionaire, Homeless, " Occupy Wall Street The 99% or The 1% " Everyone is = in The Ring". You can't call your older brother, Lawyer , Wiseguy.' Baby your all alone down there in The Boxing Ring'. The Equality of it has always made it my personal favorite. All you have is your mouthpiece, trunks. Both Prizefighters weigh the exact same weight , same boxing records :Shakespeare: "One man's meat is another man's poison". As an Prizefight Impresario, having Promoted Prizefights & Concerts Internationally

  • Aaron Braunstein on 14 December at 09:14

    Peter Tunney, the writer of The PlayWrite
    & The PrizeFighter, brilliant avant-garde New York artist, writer" A man about town". Peter's incredible Aristocratic American family.

  • Aaron Braunstein on 16 August at 10:55

    Casting for: " The PLAY WRITE & The PRIZEFIGHTERtm". Storyline: The HEAVYWEIGHT Champion of The World Gene" The Fighting Marine" Tunney. 84-1- 65 KO"S. Champion Gene Tunney is the only Prizefighter to beat Jack Dempsey twice . Gene Tunney's only loss was to The Mysterious Harry Grebs.There are no photos, films on Mysterious Harry Grebs. Gene Tunney's buddies George Bernard Shaw, Arthur Miller, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ring Lardner . Background: Born to a middle-class working Irish family in The West Village of NYC. Gene Tunney whom studied Pugilism styles, with Benny " The Kid" Leonard. ( The father of defensive Prizefighting) . Philosiphy : Combo of Chess , Ballet, physics

  • Aaron Braunstein on 16 August at 10:43

    Casting for: " The PLAY WRITE& The , starting Sept. 13, 2011. George Bernard Shaw : 45-55 Aristocratic Englishman. Long White beard, Walking Sick, Moncole , dressed to 'The Nines'. The Heavyweight Champion of The World: Gene "The Fighting Marine" Tunney. 6'1" 205lbs. Movie Star handsome, world class athlete , The Champ Gene Tunney , is the only Prizefighter to beat Jack Dempsey twice.

  • Aaron Braunstein on 16 August at 10:37


  • Aaron Braunstein on 03 August at 09:18

    Aaron Braunstein CEO of Rolling Thunder Pro., Inc. , will Produce" The PLAYWRITE & The PRIZEFIGHTERtm". True story of George Bernard Shaw & Heavyweight Champion Gene Tunney's , lifetime: of intellectual & philosophical discussions.

  • Aaron Braunstein on 01 December at 18:21

    This is soo Hip. Aaron is one of the few people, always Hung with great Artists . " LUCK IS JUST JUST A LACK OF FEAR". 'HE WHO DARES WINS' Check nyshockjock.com