About Abel Ferrara on his new projects

Abel Ferrara talks about his latest projects, achievements, and his latest film, 4:44 - Last Day on Earth. The film's premiere was at the 68th Venice Festival this September. 4:44 is also an official selection at this year's New York Film Festival. Ferarra gives us the details about his trip to the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland, where he received the Leopard of Honour. The award denotes recognition of auteur cinema and creative and audacious filmmaking. The filmmaker's next project, 'Dreams,' will visualize the dreams of its subjects. Ferrara is currently looking for actors who will participate in the project. You can stay updated on the official Facebook Page and Twitter.

Movie Details

Language: English

Year of production: 2011

Length: 5:10

Country: United States


  • Aaron Braunstein on 19 December at 13:44

    Abel Ferrara by far is The Greatest Director, since Milos Foreman ((Fireman's Ball) & Ivan Passer((Intimate Lighting). I acted for both Directors " The New Wave Czech Film Wizards". "King Of New York" is Special. By the way I won a Porsche Turbo in a Stud Poker Game , with Trip 4's.