Abel Ferrara Talks to Editor Anthony Redman (Part 1)

Uploaded on Saturday 19 June 2010


Anthony Redman talks about how he first met Abel Ferrara and started to work with him. After seeing two of his movies, Redman realized he wanted to work with Abel Ferrara without knowing that he would meet him shortly after and work with him for 14 years. Then they had their first collaboration with 'Fear City', which would be followed by many others on subsequent movies.

About "Fear City"
Fear City is a 1984 American action-thriller directed by Abel Ferrara. The lead role is played by Tom Berenger. A serial killer who is an expert at martial arts is preying on strippers in Manhattan. A hard-nosed police detective and a conflicted ex-boxer-turned-private-eye, hired by the strip club owners, set out to find him before he strikes again.


Language: English

Length: 12:07

Country: United States

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