Abel Ferrara's 4:44 - Set Design Day 1

Uploaded on Tuesday 5 April 2011


We get out of the cab with our cameras, tripods, and boom mike. It’s a rainy afternoon in New York City. The streets are somewhat empty, but in a couple hours, people are going to start to fill the blocks with their Friday night mojos. We run into Frank DeCurtis in front of the building where Abel Ferrara will be shooting his new film, 4:44. Frank is the production designer; he is creating the space that the crew and the cast will live and breathe in for the next several weeks.

To read more about Day 1 on the 4:44 set, visit http://www.filmannex.com/posts/blog/444/set-design-for-abel-ferraras-444-day-1/27019


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