Paige Howe is young, up and coming actress and model born and raised in New Jersey.

Paige started her journey in 2005 walking the runway in multiple fashion shows. Throughout her 5 years in the fashion business, she began to broaden her talent, and focus her passion into film and television.

In 2009 Paige starred in multiple Oxygen Channel Promos and also various print ads, including a FORTUNE Magazine cover shoot and Modell's print ad.

Paige had a busy and successful 2010. She starred in a wide variety of different commercials including Hackensack Hospital, Quiznos, and YooStar, and also a national commercial for Paige also shot multiple print ads for Verizon Wireless and a photo shoot that was featured on Yahoo and

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Have you been craving some excitment in your life? Check out RED NOTICE on! we just shot 3 more Cantos (episodes) so get excited! xoxo Paige…

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The skinny on being skinny..

Today on facebook I was reading threw my news feed and saw a quote that my friend had written.. it said "The focus on women's appearance has got out of hand - no…

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Canto III

In Canto III, Vicky and Margot (Paige Howe)descend into a dark room, where they are greeted by the sign, "All Those Who Enter, Let No Hope Survive." As Margot questions…

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Friends of Wayne Animals

Hey everybody, What are you passionate about? For me, its animals.. And one Shelter that I really love and admire is FOWA or Friends of Wayne Animals Rescue. Friends…

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Ten Guilty Pleasures

I love to do lots of things. I love eating and finding new and exciting restaurants. I love shopping! But who doesn't.. Here is a list of my Ten Guilty Pleasures...…

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Mothers Day

My mom means everything to me. She is the reason I can go on auditions (to be the actress I am today, and be able to talk to all of you right now), she is the person…

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Red Notice Episode III

Hey Everybody, Red Notice episode III is set to shoot this week! We will learn more about the character, there journey and WE WILL GET TO SEE WHAT ELBON LOOKS LIKE!..…

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Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo! No I am not Mexican, but I love this holiday. Cinco De Mayo, or the 5th of May, celebrates the victory of the Mexican army over the french…

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Red Notice Episode II

If you havent already heard, Episode II of Red Notice is up! In this episode, we find out a little more about (margot/dante) charactor played by me Paige Howe and…

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