I just got through Wired Magazine and read a great article from Clive Thompson called 'The Instagram Effect'.

As many of you may know, but for the few that do not, Instagram is a photo app available for your smartphone that allows you to enhance your photos with 12 different filters, borders, and tilt-shift effect. If you choose you can further share them to your Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, networks, in a quick step after you process adjust the picture.
According to Thompson Instagram has over 12 million users, who have posted over
250 million pictures. Amazing and certainly growing daily.

The beautiful thing about Instagram, that Thompson brilliantly puts to paper is this photo app makes you more observant to the world around you. If you enjoy taking photos and
playing with the filters to enhance your shots you soon realize that you are walking through
the streets with your eye opened to the next hidden gem that is waiting for you to document and share to your community.

The steam coming out of a manhole, the sun breaking through two buildings, or a graffitied
wall, whatever your eye catches now has the opportunity to become a favorite photo that previously would have been passed by with your focus on the next meeting or location of
the nearest Starbucks.

Photography for the amateur and the pro alike has never been so easy or fun. Just put yourself in the moment and enjoy what's around you, snap it,  and share it with the world.

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