Photo Studio Dreaming

Yuri Arcurs is one of the most influential, highest earning and prolific photographers in the
world. He is based in Denmark but travels the world for his stock photography business, which he is #1 in the world.

Yuri also Is an educator of young and seasoned photographers with the many videos and on site workshops he does throughout the year.

This is Yuri's first upload, a tour through his spectacular studio. You will be blown away by the space and the gear.

View The Video:

From Yuri's website:
Yuri Arcurs is the world’s most successful microstock photographer.

Yuri Arcurs is the world‘s number one selling stock photographer and
one of the highest earning photographers in the world. In 2010, PDN
magazine, voted him as one of the top most influential photographers of
this decade. Extremely dedicated when it comes to digital quality Yuri
recently joined a small group of handpicked photographers officially
sponsored by Hasselblad. Yuri has also been granted one of the highest
sponsorship agreements ever made by Profoto, sweden.

Thanks to his
unusual success in the relatively new realm of microstock, Yuri has
attracted worldwide attention and has been profiled and interviewed for
numerous books, magazines, blogs and newspapers. He has also appeared in
Photoshop Creative and Digital photographer and was granted ”Celebrity
status“ at

Yuri Arcurs Photography inc. has it’s headquarters in Denmark,
Scandinavia and employs a dedicated full-time staff of 35 people. Yuri
has another 50 people in three departments around the world in South
Africa, India and the US.

Yuri licenses over 10 million individual images per year (about 5,000
per day) and his clients include Time Magazine, MTV, Sony,,
Microsoft, Canon, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Tyra Banks Show, Late Night
Show, Scientific American, Der Spiegel and many more. Back in 2005 a
Google search for ”Yuri Arcurs“ gave zero search results. Today that
same search generates close to 2.1million hits or twice as many results
as a search on the former Danish Prime Minister.

Yuri resides in the countryside in Denmark, but also spends 6 months
per year in either Hawaii, Norway or South Africa. Yuri is engaged with
Cecilie and they have been together for five years and together they
have an American Staffordshire terrier, “Maff”.

Yuri Arcurs in his studio taken by Joachim Ladefoged

In addition to his stock photography, Yuri creates free programs for
photograhers (his keywording program has been a smash hit in the
industry), writes photography tutorials and guides, is the creator of a
videoblog and is a highly sought after public speaker. His popular blog
attracts thousands of visitors each day. Outside of stock, he works only
with projects related to charity and does not do commercial shoots any
more. Yuri has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, is a former member of
the Danish “special recognisance unit” (special forces), a 100km
marathon runner, a personal trainer and as a staff member said…
“irritatingly close to a pathological perfectionist

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