Abel Ferrara at New York City's Anthology Archives

One of New York City's most important cultural venues, Anthology Film Archives, is presenting a series, focusing on Abel Ferrara's work over the past decade. Please read the news release below for further information:


Anthology has been devoted to showing the work of legendary American independent filmmaker Abel Ferrara for many years, and so we're thrilled to be presenting a series focusing on his work over the past decade, including his two most recent films, MULBERRY ST. and NAPOLI NAPOLI NAPOLI. The financial and logistical challenges Independent filmmakers face in pursuing his art have risen dramatically since the collapse of much of the infrastructure that had supported independent filmmaking throughout the90s. But Ferrara, somehow, some way, finds a way to make his movies no matter how daunting the present day conditions.

Fueled by his supernova-like creative drive, he and his group have willed into being five unforgettable films, each of them intensely personal, profoundly collaborative, and enormously entertaining. We will be showcasing all of them together, encompassing two masterful fiction features (MARY and GO GO TALES) and, more recently, a trilogy of documentaries focusing on topics very close to his heart: CHELSEA ON THE ROCKS on the legendary Chelsea Hotel; MULBERRY ST., a portrait of his Little Italy stomping grounds; and NAPOLI NAPOLI NAPOLI, a documentary/fiction hybrid exploring the people and culture of the notorious southern Italian city.We are very pleased to welcome Ferrara back to Anthology to present a survey of his work over the past decade, with screenings of five films that find him working at the height of his powers. Special thanks to Abel Ferrara and Michael M. Bilandic.

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