Abel Ferrara Interviews Costume Designer Nile Cmylo

Uploaded on Tuesday 23 November 2010


In this video, Nile Cmylo, costume designer for Chelsea on the Rocks is interviewed by film director, Abel Ferrara.

Cmylo started making clothes for her barbies when she was 3 years old.  Due to her strong background in fashion, she was able to work in the costume departments for several TV shows, including Sex and The City, The Chris Rock Show, and The Street. She also designed Mariah Carey's wedding dress.

Cymlo reminisces about the time when she moved into New York's famous Chelsea Hotel.  She mentions that at first, there was a lot of drug use at the hotel, but this later changed, and right now the hotel is a completely different place.  Chelsea Hotel was home to many artists through out the years, including painters, rock stars, actors, and now Middle America.

Cmylo is currently working on her specialty "one time designs" that are used for Red Carpet Events and Magazines covers. After working on "Chelsea on the Rocks" with Ferrara, Cmylo went to Los Angeles to work on an independent film, starring Adam Sandler. She mentions that working with Ferrara was far more exciting than working on a big budget Hollywood film.  She commends Ferrara for his talent and his endless passion for his art.


Language: English

Length: 9:47

Country: United States

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