Abel Ferrara on Could This Be Love

Uploaded on Monday 28 June 2010


Abel Ferrara talks about his movie 'Could this be love' and explain in detail how a few scenes were shot. He explains that he wrote the script himself, recalls memories about how he went to Italy to ask a friend to work with him. He share with us comments about his life in New York at the time, how his uncle was part of the cast, where they were shooting and the obstacles they faced. He also talks about new film technologies and imagine what he could have done with a digital camera and a computer. He tells us that the movie only had a couple of screenings in art film places. He showed it around mostly at this time to let people now what he could do and to try to get a job. But after all, the most important thing was the real satisfaction to make a movie.

About "Could this be love" (1973)
Jacky is a young woman living in Greenwich Village who is an artist and hangs out with her best friend Renee. After finishing her latest drawing for the day, Jacky and Renee travel to a low-rent bar and pick up a prostitute, named Cathy. After having a lesbian threesome with her, they invite Cathy to a dinner party being given in honor of Mr. Gatto, a department story purchaser interested in a range of shoes made by Jacky's husband, Michael. Also at the party is Renee's husband Stephen, and Stephen's pianist friend Dennis. Renee introduces Cathy as her cousin to Mr. Gatto and everyone else.
As the evening progress, Mr. Gatto strikes up a friendship to Cathy, while Jacky and Renee secretly express their contempt for her. Mr. Gatto explains his business dealings with Dennis and about his ability to make profit from his sales purchases. Dennis and Cathy are intrigued, but everyone else is just bored. Cathy has a little too munch to drink, and retires to a bedroom. Mr. Gatto follows her there, where he talks more with her about his admiration of her beauty and ability to influence people. But instead of taking advantage of her, Mr. Gatto says his goodnight, and leaves.
As Jacky and Renee clean up after every one, they talk with Stephen about how stupid and snobbish Mr. Gatto was, and about how Cathy is such a prude. Cathy, overhears them from the bedroom and looks on in the dark, empty bedroom with unmistakable depression.


Language: English

Length: 15:30

Country: United States

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