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Abel Ferrara on Film Annex Online Distribution Platform

Independent Films, Interviews

Director Abel Ferrara explains how he has been working with Film Annex for the past years through his website He also encourages filmmakers to use the Internet which he believes is now the place to show films, raise money and connect with other professionals from the industry.

《阿贝尔费拉拉(Abel Ferrara)与Film Annex合作”Hard Cash” 》
阿贝尔费拉拉(Abel Ferrara)是美国电影导演和编剧。他的知名影片作品有《电钻杀人狂》(Driller Killer,1979),《四五口径女郎》(Ms. 45,1981),《黑道皇帝》(King of New York,1990),《坏中尉》(又译《流氓干探》; Bad Lieutenant,1992)和《葬礼》(The Funeral,1996)。

在这段视频中,阿贝尔费拉拉(Abel Ferrara)谈到了他过去几年与Film Annex的合作,也就是阿贝尔费拉拉的官方网站 ,建立在Film Annex网络电视的平台上。他还鼓励电影制片人多使用互联网,他认为这是展示电影,筹资和与行业中其他专业人士连接的地方。


Language: English

Year of Production: 2011

Length: 2:52

Country: United States


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