Wire To Wolves

Uploaded on Monday 25 March 2013


From what started as seven men in a church forming the town's first rugby team through to the modern day greats lifting the trophy at Wembley today, Wire To Wolves documents the prestigious history of Warrington Rugby League Football Club.

The Wire To Wolves project consists of a 100m wall panel stretching the entire length of the South Stand.

As part of the project we've had the privilege of speaking to greats such as Laurie Gilfedder, Alex Murphy, Paul Cullen and Tony Smith to name a few, hearing what they have to say on the town, the fans, the sport, the passion, and everything else that has got Warrington Wolves to where they are today.

The full project will be unveiled along the South Stand in April 2013, but here's a sneak peak.


Language: English

Length: 3:36

Country: United Kingdom