Modern Romance Is Dead: Message from Erich (Prologue)

Uploaded on Tuesday 25 June 2013


This is the first 1 minute of Modern Romance is Dead in storyboard form.
*German not translated to subs

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Modern Romance is Dead is a story about falling in and out of love. We follow our main character, E.M. whose world comes crashing down around him after he experiences heartbreak from an intense yet short-lived relationship. He now finds himself trapped in a dark reality of his own creation and decides to take one final action. To find love...and kill it.

L.K. is the object of E.M. unrequited affection. Images of her haunt him on his dark journey; we catch only glimpses of her: warm and tender memories occasionally darkened by moments of despair.

A mysterious shadowy figure is pursuing E.M. leading him down a path that inevitably spirals out of control and ends fatally.


Language: German

Length: 1:20

Country: Canada